"My portraits try to show the emotions within the person I am painting.The eyes can show if someone is sad, happy or distant. I give a painting a sunset to show that a new day will bring opportunities."

Abimbola Taylor




Project One: Love & Loss



Love and Loss is currently in place on Downham Road in Hackney. This installation builds on the success of the first by increasing the scale and of artworks on display to cover an area of over 100m2.


The theme of the installation is Love and Loss. The pieces on display were created by Year 10 students at Hackney New School, across the street from the installation. The art features a variety of media including acrylic, watercolour, collage and photography.


Project One Artists:

Ligia de Andrade Lima

Melissa Curri

Imari Francis

Jermain Hechavarria

Clara Johnson

Hannah Watkins Ray

Gabriella Secco

Dylan Strettel

Abimbola George Taylor

Tibor Thursfield


This installation was supported by Thornsett and The Benyon Estate.


Project Zero: Community



The pilot OpenArt installation was a 20m2 collaborative piece on a site on Englefield Road. The artwork was created by 23 student artists from year nine at Hackney New School. The installation was based on the theme of Community.


The artwork incorporated self-initiated messages like ‘limitations only exist if you let them’, ‘your feelings are just art’, and ‘don’t love with your eyes – love with your heart’, The artwork has been repurposed as an installation in the playground of Hackney New School.


Project Zero Artists:

Max Vallance

Theo Hinton Hallows

Brianna Gibson

Lee Ann Sackey

Tacyra Jordan Brown

Jacey Burton

Mert Ortun

Murad Jemal

Bergin Ramadan

Tylah James

Gabriele Pivano

Dylan Dolniak

Romell Julian

Daequon Maysnor-Gee

Chris Tomlinson

Elizabeth Stott

Jake Hogan

Hope Sizer

Roxy Munrose

Viktorija Voitechovic

Becky Martin

Sheldon Corbin

Khairat Animanshaw


This installation was made possible by The Benyon Estate.






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