"Our department were thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase student work in a public setting. Community spirit is raised by projects like this that celebrate creative youth talent."

Amy Birchard

Head of Art

Hackney New School



What does OpenArt offer Creators?


OpenArt offers creators two things: funding and exposure. Both are important, the first is crucial.


Here's how it works: we run a creative session with the school art department and students, and work out how the group will respond to the location of the installation. The work that goes on display can relate to the site itself, or be independent of it, depending on the creative process of the group.


Once the artwork has been created it is  photographed and reproduced for display on the construction site for the duration of the build. After the build has completed, the work can be repurposed for another use by the creators, for example installation within the school.


Get in touch with paul@openart.co to find out how your school or art group can take part!






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